Data Migration Challenges

Several challenges occur in data migration projects. Following is my attempt to concisely summarize key challenges from the business perspective.
Data migration projects are short-lived but inevitable because a new information system can be introduced into the business for a variety of reasons.

Data Migration Solution

Data migration is the perennial exercise in enterprise computing.However, it needs an agile and proactive solution model to overcome its unique challenges.
Venus Informatics offers a proven solution, to overcome pitfalls of data migration projects. It is based on the lesson learned from my experience and the best practices for data migration.

Test the Big Data Waters

Big data success stories from across industries have induced substantial interest in executives and business managers. However, managers or executives, intrigued by the possibility of big data, can find it troublesome to get started. Blown away by new jargon every quarter describing some new big data technology with over-the-top promises, leading a big data initiative is more often than not confusing for managers. If you are intrigued by the possibility of big data but not sure about where to start, you have come to the right place.