At-a-Glance is designed with the vision to empower organizations, particularly SMEs, to analyze and interact with their data assets for informed and opportune decisions.

At-a-Glance is a Business Intelligence-as-a-Service offering from Venus Informatics. It is built with the vision to empower organisations, particularly SMEs, to analyse and interact with their data assets for informed and opportune decisions. It provides SMEs with a door to the self-service BI system and methodologies which can scale quickly as the organisation grows.

It is not unusual for SMEs, with a fair amount of data, to rely on cumbersome spreadsheets based data compiling processes for management information. This is often due to finite and stretched IT resources, and the substantial cost associated with the data warehouse/reporting infrastructure. On another hand, SMEs wants solutions, where the rubber meets the road fairly quickly and resilient to their needs.

The At-a-Glace solution delivers the power of data analytics to SMEs with an affordable subscription-based service. It provides executives and managers with real-time dashboards to visualize and interact with the business data and make prompt decisions. Businesses can start with only one dashboard/report and can gradually scale this solution into a comprehensive data storage and processing hub with the self-service BI capabilities namely Data View House™.

Delivering the power of analytics to businesses of all size in a cost-effective way