Data migration projects are short-lived but inevitable because a new information system can be introduced into the business for a variety of reasons.

Data migration is the perennial exercise in the enterprise computing. With the introduction of a new information system (ERP/CRM) in the business, data existing in the legacy system must be moved into a new improved target system. Data migration projects are short-lived but inevitable because a new information system can be introduced into the business for a variety of reasons. Often, it is the deterioration of existing legacy systems over a period which leads to heavy maintenance and eventually minimal or no vendor support. Mergers, acquisition, demand for more functionality and improved usability are other mundane business scenarios requiring data migration.

Whatever the reason could be, a new information system can not be operational with an empty database. The legacy data, generally large in amount must be first loaded into the new system before its go-live moment. More often than not, data models of old and new systems are fundamentally different. The primary objectives of the data migration project are to extract the data from the legacy system, transform it into the desired target data model, and finally to upload into the new information system.

Often data migration project, with its unique challenges and multiple stakeholders, is a part of a bigger organization-wide change. Therefore, a holistic and coherent solution approach is required to facilitate a reliable solution visible to all stakeholders. Venus informatics follow proven solution, derived from best-practices and lessons learned, to deliver end-to-end data migration service covering all stages of data migration projects; these include consulting, building data migration code, evaluating data quality on agreed measures and fixing bad data, developing new ETL processes for existing data warehouse and post go-live support.

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Minimise the risk of data migration.


Data is of significant value for the organization who owns it. Therefore, considerable care must be taken to migrate the legacy data into the new system accurately. Data migration comes with its unique challenges.

  • Legacy data is an unfamiliar terrain.
  • Limited development time
  • Delays in decisions making from the business.
  • Restricted execution time
  • Poor data quality
  • Lack of rigorous testing
  • Effect on data warehouse and BI


Venus Informatics offers a proven solution, developed in SSIS, to overcome above challenges of data migration projects. It is based on a lesson learned from our experience and the best practices for data migration, recommend by veterans and industry experts. It comprises of following key components:

  • Develop with near production data
  • Migrate along logical data partitions
  • Measure migration quality
  • Agile and robust processing
  • Data cleansing
  • Living documentation