Data View House™ is built with the vision to bridge the gap between the contemporary and the traditional data management methodologies. If data is the new oil then Data View House™is a well-tuned refinery to monetise data.

Data View House™ is a new state-of-the-art orchestration of data storage, process and access hub which can yield more value from the business data rapidly with robust data governance. It is built with the vision to bridge the gap between the contemporary and the traditional data management methodologies. It empowers organisations of any size, with or without a data warehouse, to embrace the power of self-service business intelligence, big-data technologies and ease of system integration while gradually moving away from the existing legacy practices.

With the invention of big-data technologies and cloud computing, the data storage and processing options are growing by leaps and bounds, changing the landscape of traditional data-management practices. On the one hand, the future of business technologies looks promising with rapidly emerging Industry 4.0 and AI-based business systems. However, the digital transformation towards authentic data-driven culture is the vital pre-requisite for any business wanting to adopt the emerging business tech.

Data View House™ is our attempt to introduce a robust and future-proof data-management framework which could minimise the risk of digital transformation, and empower business to innovate. The end-to-end implementation of Data View House™ gives the ownership of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data captured from business systems, web, social media, and sensors back to the business. In a nutshell, Data View House™ empowers executives to manage and monetise their data assets with the data-driven culture powered by one source of the truth.

Data View House - Features and Benefits

Empower your business to innovate and embrace the data-driven culture.