Data Migration

Data migration projects are short-lived but inevitable because a new information system can be introduced into the business for a variety of reasons.

Data View House

Data View House™ is a new state-of-the-art orchestration of data storage, process and access hub which can yield more value from the business data rapidly with robust data governance.


At-a-Glance is a Business Intelligence-as-a-Service solution. It is built with the vision to empower organizations, particularly SMEs, to analyze and interact with their data assets for informed and opportune decisions. It provides SMEs with a door to the self-service BI system and methodologies which can scale quickly with the growth of the organization.

Big Data

The term ‘big data’ has gained the reputation of being a game changer. However, due to the vague terminology, ideating its effects on an industry or a particular organization is difficult. ROI-driven companies cannot afford an experimental and discovery-oriented big data project if it is not going to solve any business problem.